1. I am sorry I was unable to attend the talk as I have been looking forward to attending it for weeks.
    Last-minute health problems made it impossible for me to attend, so it is extremely useful to read it here.
    If I had been present, I would have pointed to the even more recent examples of FIFA and VW.
    I believe VW’s stock market price has dropped by a third or something like US $25 billion.
    The reputational damage for VW could – in the long-run – prove most damaging for them.
    All these cases point inevitably towards the need to set up an institute of – or for – ethical leadership.
    Financial auditors probe and certify the financial probity off all legally constituted companies.
    A parallel occupation of ethical auditing should also be developed to ensure their ethical probity too.
    There could be different levels or ranks of membership, i.e. student, licentiate, member, fellow.
    I am certain Professor Parker and others at Conway Hall would be happy to co-operate in the scheme.

    • Many thanks for your comments John, I am sure you’re right about a possible Institute of Ethical Leadership though of course there are the equivalent out there is many places.
      Sorry your health problems prevented you attending, it would have been great to see you there.
      You should be able to see the full video and some of the many questions at this site soon.
      Best wishes