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Tips For Commercial HVAC And In North Texas

With the North Texas region being subject to various temperature extremes during a calendar year, ranging from high winds to hail to single-digit temperatures to weather above 100 degrees and humid, heating and cooling technicians have to be ready to handle a wide array of problems not commonly found in other areas of the country.  This requires a HVAC professional to understand virtually everything that a heating and cooling professional can learn - with the exception of sub-zero conditions!

This resource from Maryland wrote a comprehensive guide to the basics of commercial HVAC.  Here are some points from that article:

The following videos are from Arctic Air Heating and Cooling.  The company serves Collin County, Cooke County, Denton County and Grayson County in the North Texas / Dallas Fort Worth area.

Commerical HVAC example:

Another commercial HVAC example:

Commercial chiller repair video (part 1):

Texas HVAC Resources

Following are some resources about commercial HVAC in Texas: