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Teesom - #1 Screen Print Shop Management Software ...

SET YOUR Print Shop UP FOR Fast & Lasting Success

The Ultimate Print Shop Management Software Solution, For Your Screen Printing, DTG Printing, Embroidery & Heat Pressing Business

Stop Chaos From Taking Over Your Business

Running your own screen printing or embroidery shop can become a daunting task. Common bottlenecks and time-consuming paperwork can easily drain your energy and waste your time, leading to costly mistakes in orders and unsatisfied customers and turning your occupation into a 24/7 feat.

But before you hit that panic button, meet Teesom, the print shop owners’ secret to staying organized and scaling productivity!

Why You Need Industry Specific Software

Implementing industry specific software seems like a daunting task.

But avoiding it can result in an organizational disaster, late deliveries, loss of customers, unhappy employees, cash flow restraints and many sleepless nights.

Listen to Travis in the video below. Teesom saved him hours in a day.

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You’re not alone, we’ve helped many companies like yours, since 2002, to implement their print shop management software, and we can do the same for you.

We will help you setup your software, train you and your employees and give expert advice on how to implement Teesom in a way that will streamline your business operations and maximize profits.

Why Teesom ?

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Robust and Powerful Software

Unlike other work apps or software solutions, Teesom is based on advanced technology using premium features to secure optimum workload management.

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Premium Support

Join a community of happy business owners who continuously reap the software’s benefits and enjoy excellent-quality support after incorporating Teesom in their work routine

Only In Teesom

What you won't get at our competitors

All Features Included

We believe your success is our success. All our packages include all features Teesom gives you all the tools you need, to successfully grow your business.

No Limitations

There are no transactional or upload limitations, on any of our paid packages. Create as many orders, product codes or price lists as you need. 

It's 100% Free

If you do 20 orders or less a month then Teesom is completely free. Maximize your company's potential without spending a dime. We want to see you succeed!

Online Reviews

All You Need To Succeed!


"Follow Up" reminders, will help you generate more sales. Create accurate and consistent quotes in minutes ensuring that you always have the edge.


Save time by instantly generating consolidated purchase orders which you can send to your vendor in real time with live vendor integration.


Comprehensive job board, calendar, task board, online approvals and managing customer obligations are just some features to help you stay in control.

Business Management

Send financial transactions to QuickBooks (Online or Desktop). Reduce production pressure or get compensated for rush orders with Teesom's exclusive Three Tier Pricing.

What other software applications can't do for you

Live Vendor Integration

Check vendor stock and pricing right before purchasing. Send purchase orders in real time and get immediate confirmation from your vendor. Select which warehouse you want to purchase from when ordering from S&S or AlphaBroder.

3 Tier Pricing

Present customers with 3 pricing options based on a turnaround date. Minimize rush orders or make money on them. 3 Tier pricing is completely customizable. You can turn this feature on or off by customer or for each individual order.

Online Payments

Teesom will ask your customer make an online deposit payment before confirming the order. Your customer can also pay the entire invoice or balance due before you ship. These options are linked to your customer’s payment terms and can be optional for customers with terms.

Interactive Job Board

Click on job board elements to see more detail on a particular area such as “Goods Purchased” will display a list of linked purchase orders that you can open on the fly.


Teesom has a task list broken down by departments so you see which orders needs ship, which orders are running late etc.

Drag and Drop Calendar

Use Teesom’s calendar to see how busy you are on a particular day. Drag and drop orders from one day to another. Click on any job to see more detail.

Customer Portal

Limit the amount of calls your customer makes to you to “see where there order is at”. Now your customer can log in to his own web based Portal and get instant updates on current orders, make payments, move quotes forward and more.

Find Stock

Not sure if your top vendor has the stock you are looking for? Before you even create a quote for the customer, type in Alt+F+S to engage the live Find Stock feature and quickly see if the item you wish to quote your customer on is available in the colors and quantities that you need.

Customer Messenger

Tired of searching through copious emails just to find the details or art of an order that your customer sent you? Instantly message back and forth with a customer to get immediate responses that you need to progress their order forward. You will always know where to look for the customer’s response.

Join other Screen Printing, Embroidery, Heat Pressing and DTG Print companies who love Teesom

How To Get Teesom

How To Get Teesom 1

Sign Up

Sign up it’s 100% FREE. No Credit Card Required

How To Get Teesom 2

Schedule an Introductory Call

Schedule a 30 minute introductory call. Tell us about all your production operational challenges and needs, and let’s see if your company can benefit from Teesom.

How To Get Teesom 3


If you are processing more than 20 orders a month, Subscribe to one of our affordable paid packages. It not continue using Teesom for FREE

How To Get Teesom 4

Go Live

When signing up for Teesom you will automatically be in DEMO mode. This is so you can try and get to know the software without accidentally sending emails to your customers. Once you are ready to go live you can simply turn it on and watch your business grow.


Most frequent questions and answers

One of our most frequently asked question.

Whether you use Printavo, Inksoft, DecoNetwork, FastManager or any other print shop management  software you should have the ability to export most of your data in CSV format and then we can advise from there.

Teesom vs. Printavo; Teesom fundamentally differs, from Printavo, in the way we capture orders.

Most of our ex Printavo customers already had their data exported to QuickBooks and we were able to import their customer information directly from QuickBooks. 

Unfortunately we are unable to import any of your order history or invoices. 

No! ALL features are Included in ALL paying subscriptions. We only limit the number of users per subscription plan. When you subscribe you will simply continue to receive continuous improvements and features at the same monthly amount.

JCW Software, however, is in the process of developing a store front application which will run and be billed separately from it’s prins shop management software. The store front can be used as a stand alone or in conjunction with Teesom and will be an entirely separate product.

We certainly believe that you won’t cancel, but if you do, your data belongs to you.

If you cancel your subscription, you will still have access to Teesom and your historic data. You will automatically be converted to the FREE version and can continue to use Teesom if you process 20 orders or less a month.

At any time you can re-subscribe to Teesom.

When you sign up for Teesom you will start off in DEMO mode. You will stay in DEMO mode until you are ready to go live. When in DEMO mode, all emails that would have gone to your customers will come to you, so that you don’t accidentally send your customers quotes and approvals during onboarding. Once you feel comfortable to go live you can do so. Teesom is still FREE up to 20 orders. Demo mode is simply to get you started.

Yes, it’s NOT a free trial. It’s totally FREE.

Teesom’s FREE version is specifically designed for start up companies who do 20 orders or less a month.

We know starting up a new business is hard and it takes a while before you will be flying.

We wanted to help, companies just like you, to grow their new businesses faster.

That is why we decided to launch our FREE version with ALL features included.

We want you to have all the tools you need to grow your new business and be successful. After all our motto is “Your Success Is Our Success!”

Click here to compare Free vs Paid.

We are excited to have you here.

This is going to be a real gamechanger for you.

We’ve helped many companies like you boost their sales, minimize production headaches and save hours creating purchase orders with a click of a button.

A  30-minute demo with us will get you these results within the shortest possible time.

I want to see more Teesom Features before scheduling a demo.

Who can we send the link to?